godless void

by Den Sy Ty & skinxbones

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Yung Godless meets The Faceless Void. The world implodes.

The "nothingness" that Frost fears is not the metaphysical void, it is the void he fears in himself. In relating this personal void to the spaces between stars, he suggests that a personal void can have—or seem to have—cosmic proportions, that it can seem at least as important, as vast and as frightening, as anything "out there." -http://www.english.illinois.edu/maps/poets/a_f/frost/desert.htm


released December 25, 2016

vocals and lyrics by Den Sy Ty:
beats by skinxbones:



all rights reserved


skinxbones Manila, Philippines

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Track Name: mercurial indica
Will you let me see the daylight
I only feel myself at night.

Don't wait
I cant breathe.

We Reminisce
bout the holocaust
we cut quick
spread sickness for the cause

got no mind on my business
we brew witches.
Hell hounds in the night canine fuck them bitches
no pictures.
Deep Down in the wells where i left all my wishes

Spiraling Slippery slope
Grey Like the color of hope
The Pope's lying
Never trust a man in white
Til he's crying.
Now Were fed to the lions.

We never do well in these times
No other lovers alive
theres Nothing to hide.
god does no good for my kind

The blister exists
I tasted the pain on my wrists
Suffering the Velvet weather
Chimerical visions
Remembering the Helter skelter?

Devices left to my own
Nothing but skin and bone
Death of a lonely soul
No home.
we vibe in the twilight zone.

devil in the details
think quick
peering back the veil
no sales.
All soul no riddim
Swallowed and bitten
The bitter approach
Enter the door in my throat
The Escapist's road.