by Ωmega & skinxbones

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a short, collab ep/mixtape consisting of 3 bitter songs and 2 instrumental flips, made over one weekend when real life was extra shitty. have you ever written suicide letters as a way to cope and not kill yourself? well, this is ours.

this record is for all the depressed who walk around with shark eyes - deep and dead - all fucked up from medication.
this is for all of our numb and hollowed out shells, left to rot in cyberspace, while our irl selves float on listlessly like spectres.

stay high. don't die.


released March 21, 2016

lyrics/vocals by Ωmega:
tracks 1, 2, 4 produced by skinxbones
tracks 3, 5 produced by skinxbones and Ωmega

album cover design by Miguel Paolo L. Lorenzo



all rights reserved


skinxbones Manila, Philippines

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Track Name: ritalin fever dream
do you want to play this game ay ay
or do you want stay the same way everyday

help yourself
tighten your grip to that bottleneck
help yourself
take the test
create a hole to put the load right off your chest
when the shade
just invades
the memory replace
the dreams to a ghoulish display

do you want to play this game with me
or do you want stay the same way everyday
Track Name: leandro alem
get the shotty reload it with shells
get the shotty reload it with shells
this some self help shit
so i'm pulling it myself

the trip on the train
is a trip down the drain
evade all the raindrops
dont wash all the pain
i scour the stone by igniting a flame
i lit up my home and my family name
breaking my bone keep my sanity maimed
no cellular phone can throw off my aim
if the next move will be ending the game
i'll be rolling the die
turn up with a six
sick of the lines
sick of the time
you ask for what i cant be
my pipe is half empty
but no need to worry
cause i'm really in a hurry
suffering is kinda corny
so i'd rather die
i'll end it this time

if it doesnt get harder than this
stop it like this
water's neck deep
choke in my sleep
hard days night everyday of the week
all my knowledge discredit in each sip
sticking out like nails in my coffin
each sip slips down my throat i know i'm winning
battles in my mind trying to get out
my feet dont work that way back in south
imagine if your first blunt got you foaming at the mouth
all my troubles trails of piss in my path
running an endless mile
wish i died before i turn 25
by that time i'm probably satisfied
candlelights illuminate my room tonight
Track Name: hundredth stab wound
the mise-en-scene
is gasoline
on your tongue and cheek
i can see
that your knees are week
stop your speak
try to explain
you had all the days in the fucking week
now you about to be six deep
call me mister ripley
the way i play dickie
boy i cant relax
wish i had an axe
hacking hacking on your back
the bones that i crack
sippin on cognac
every time i spin a tale
ask the difference cannot tell
blood is really kinda pale
you'll never fail when youre in hell

my soul is stuck at the gable corners
the toll that i paid when i crossed the border
reaching far for my shining armor
i turned into a lifeless soldier
the branch i've been hanging on is about to break
my back will catch my fall today
i wont survive even if i wake
my brain already had so much to take
it never feels that my body aches
so much to keep but less to eat
i cannot feed my mouth is sealed
the task at hand is unfulfilled
every time i spin a tale
ask the difference cannot tell
blood is really kinda pale
you'll never fail when youre in hell